Vero integrates with external applications. Harnessing the power of AI and automation with market-leading tools and identifies areas for improvement with in the digital delivery supply chain to online Content platforms.


Many companies in the Media and Entertainment sector face a multitude of challenges managing the sale, management, creation and distribution of content.

These can range from:

  • technical infrastructures based on premise and in the cloud

  • internal departments that use systems and databases that do not communicate or integrate with each other

  • Data that is kept on spreadsheets and is isolated from the active environments

  • Managing 3rd parties that provide elements and supporting localisation

Each department is responsible for managing contractual deliverables and SLA’s, but there is no ‘One View’ of the process, ownership or a way to manage all of these intricate workflows.


Calmer Media have been working on the vision to link all of these disparate systems, workflows and cultures so that each discipline has the ability to work efficiently. That each department will have visibility of the life cycle of each process and that efficiencies can be actualised in weeks rather than months.


The aim of Vero is not to build a singular platform, but to create a ‘best of breed’ environment by leveraging from companies that are leaders and experts in their field and bringing that expertise under one umbrella platform.


Principle partner technologies of are: